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Buy wet wipes for truck drivers online

Have you known that your hands are the inhabitation for almost 10 million microbes? They are everywhere and we can’t notice them without using special technologies (microscopes, for example). Not all of them are dangerous but some can make a serious damage for your health, so you should watch for your hygiene. The main problem for every driver is, when you in a long road trip, you can’t always wash your hands with soap. Or even just with water. And we are not even mentioning toilet sessions, engine check, tire change or other daily routines. But there is a decision for such a problem – wet wipes that you can carry with you.

Nowadays wipes can be found everywhere – from the old aftermarket to the modern online stores. PartsQ also has this important object that helps you clean your hands. Just use our catalog to find it.

Rid-Of Wipes is a good cleaning instrument for those who are not afraid of dirt, grease or mud. This is a perfect product for people who work with engines or for those who don’t have access to a standard hygiene features. Also, these wipes can manage with paint or glue. A standard box packed with 40 or 336 wet wipes, so we actively recommend you to take it during preparation for a very long voyage. And if your trip is not so continuous then we suggest you an Extra Large package of wipes that can be placed in your pocket and your hands always stay clean.