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Every trucker know the importance of the grille. On the first sight this shiny big radiator looks like a big stylish toy, but there is no truck without the grille. It may be visually different, but the functions are always the same. They are very significant but it is hard to say that they are technically difficult. A good grille must protect the engine and keep it from the heat. And everything we have is just a metal construction with holes. Ventilation and protection, that is it. 

Aftermarket grilles for International Prostar trucks

Even a little stone on the middle truck speed may destroy the engine. International Prostar grilles are the great choice for every trucker. Bug screen will stop the insects before they reach the engine. This is also a widespread issue on the road. 

International Prostar grille may be bought here online. This body part will serve you for long years. PartsQ proposes exclusively qualitative details. Your new Prostar grille will be a great addition to your truck.

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