ForkLift Tires

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PartsQs fine selection of industrial forklift tires will get your equipment in top production form quickly. We help you find the right size, type and make of forklift tires at affordable prices. With best prices, and a large selection of industrial forklift tires, our experts help you get the best for your industrial vehicles. Performance is the key to the smooth functioning of industrial forklift vehicles. To ensure a smooth and efficient production run, one has to invest in the right tires that spell durability and strength. 

Forklift tires are available in pneumatic, solid rubber and polyurethane variants. Tires for forklift are heavy duty stuff, found more on the rugged highway trucks. Solid rubber tires are more or less like the Pneumatic tires, albeit without the air cushion effect. Polyurethane tires are lighter forklift tires that offer lower resistance and efficient traction. These are as sturdy as the other two, and are more suitable for domestic indoor forklifts.